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Spicy Indian Food New Plymouth

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May 6, 2024

Craving a culinary adventure that tantalises your taste buds and ignites your senses? Look no further than Flame Indian Restaurant & Bar, your ultimate destination for Spicy Indian Food New Plymouth has to offer. Nestled at 151 Devon St East, New Plymouth 4310, New Zealand, Flame is not just a restaurant but a gastronomic journey that celebrates the rich flavours and vibrant spices of Indian cuisine.

Spicy Indian Food New Plymouth: A Feast for the Senses

At Flame Indian Restaurant & Bar, spice isn’t just a flavour; it’s an experience. From the moment you step through our doors, you’re greeted with the aromatic allure of Indian spices, promising a culinary adventure like no other. Our menu is a symphony of flavours, carefully crafted to delight both spice enthusiasts and discerning palates alike.

Whether you’re in the mood for fiery curries, flavourful biryanis, or zesty appetisers, Flame offers a diverse range of dishes that showcase the bold and vibrant flavours of Indian cuisine. Each dish is prepared with precision and passion, using authentic ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to ensure an authentic dining experience that transports you to the streets of India.

Signature Dishes: A Spice-Lover’s Paradise

At Flame, we take pride in our signature dishes that have earned us a reputation as the go-to destination for Spicy Indian Food New Plymouth residents love. Our chefs bring years of experience and expertise to the kitchen, infusing every dish with layers of flavour and a hint of spice that leaves a lasting impression.

One of our standout dishes is the Chicken Vindaloo, a spicy Goan curry known for its bold flavours and fiery kick. Made with tender chicken marinated in a blend of spices and simmered in a tangy tomato-based sauce, this dish is a must-try for spice enthusiasts looking to experience the authentic taste of India.

For seafood lovers, our Fish Curry is a true delight. Featuring fresh fish cooked in a fragrant curry sauce infused with spices like cumin, coriander, and turmeric, this dish embodies the essence of coastal Indian cuisine with its bold flavours and aromatic spices.

Vegetarian options are also abundant at Flame, with dishes like the Paneer Tikka Masala stealing the spotlight. Grilled paneer cubes simmered in a creamy and spicy tomato sauce, this dish is a favorite among vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, showcasing the versatility and richness of Indian vegetarian cuisine.

A Culinary Experience Beyond Spice

While Flame is renowned for its Spicy Indian Food In New Plymouth residents adore, our menu also offers a wide array of options for those seeking milder flavours or non-spicy dishes. From mild curries and tandoori specialties to indulgent desserts and refreshing beverages, there’s something for everyone at Flame.

Our attentive staff and welcoming ambiance further enhance your dining experience, ensuring that every visit to Flame is not just a meal but a memorable culinary journey. Whether you’re dining with family, friends, or colleagues, Flame provides the perfect setting to savour delicious food, create lasting memories, and indulge in the warmth of Indian hospitality.

Embracing Local Flavours, Celebrating Global Cuisine

At Flame Indian Restaurant & Bar, we’re proud to be part of the vibrant culinary scene in New Plymouth. We source fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, supporting local farmers and producers while ensuring the highest quality in every dish we serve.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the kitchen to our service and hospitality, where every guest is treated like family. Whether you’re a regular patron or a first-time visitor, we strive to exceed your expectations and leave you with a culinary experience that lingers long after your meal.

Join Us at Flame Indian Restaurant & Bar

In conclusion, Flame Indian Restaurant & Bar is your ultimate destination for Spicy Indian Food New Plymouth residents crave. With a menu that celebrates the bold flavours of Indian cuisine, a warm and inviting ambiance, and a commitment to culinary excellence, Flame invites you to savour the spice and indulge in a culinary journey like no other.

Visit us at 151 Devon St East, New Plymouth 4310, New Zealand, or explore our menu and make reservations online at www.myflame.co.nz. For inquiries or bookings, you can also reach us at 022 034 2337. Join us at Flame and discover the true essence of Indian cuisine – bold, flavourful, and unforgettable.

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