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About Us

A Classic indian Restaurant


New Plymouth has a vibrant restaurant and dining culture with Flame burning brightly at the forefront of this. Flame restaurant in New Plymouth is a delicious, culinary window on the North West corner of South Asia including Punjab, Peshawar and Kashmir. Relax and enjoy ancient cooking techniques and flavours with a modern twist and still experience the pleasures of a comfortable, contemporary bar and restaurant.

We believe that food is one of life’s great pleasures at Flame. We grow, buy, store, prepare, cook and serve appealing, fresh, healthy and delicious food; we appreciate food for its purpose to nourish the body and feed the soul.

“Ignite your passion for food” at Flame.

Our Story

Fire is one of the four basic elements of life and has been vital for the development of civilisation. The Flame represents the creativity and passion of all intellectual and emotional beings. This active force has the power to create and animate. In ancient cultures, the fire of destruction has been celebrated for its power to renew life with the warmth and comfort of the flame. Flame is attractive, hypnotic, and mesmerising. The theme is colourful, sophisticated, energising and fun. Expect the extraordinary.

The elements of our logo are the flame and the twist. The flame symbolises the warmth of the Flame experience.  The twist represents our modern approach to international cuisine. The colours yellow, orange and red represent energy, warmth, spicy, heat, passion and love .

“Ignite your passion for food” is an invitation to renew their connection with food, love and life.

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