Samosa $4.5
A thin pastry with potato, peas, cumin and coriander hand rolled by chef. Served with a tamarind shot.

Onion Rings $7.9
Himalayan salted onions battered with chickpea flour and cumin. Served with a tamarind shot. 

Pakora $7.9
Tantalize your taste buds with spinach, cauliflower, silverbeet and chickpea flour fritters seasoned  with Chef’s secret flavours. Served with a tamarind shot. 

Tandoori Prawns $19.9
12 Tiger prawns marinated in Flame sauce, barbequed in the Tandoor oven then laid on a sizzling  plate for a sensational intense taste. Served on crisp green salad with hot chilli sauce.

Chicken Tikka $14
Juicy marinated chicken thighs gently placed in the Tandoor. Served hot with cool mint chutney.

Good Times Platter  $10 per person
Samosa, Pakora, Onion Rings, Crumbed Prawns and Chicken Tikka served on sizzling hot platter.

Crumbed Prawns $15
10 juicy prawns spread on fresh green salad. Served with chilli sauce and happiness.

Main Dishes | all gluten free

Butter Chicken  $17.9     Butter Prawns  $26.9  
Tender chicken cooked with a creamy tomato gravy. 
Highly Recommended with Prawns

Chicken Masala  $17.9     Prawn Masala  $26.9    
Flame Masala sauce made with red onions, tomatoes, green capsicum, dry and green herbs and lots of love.

Vegetable Jalfrazi  $17.9     Chicken Jalfrazi $18.9       Beef Jalfrazi  $18.9
Assorted seasonal vegetables splashed with sweet and sour sauce. Topped with cashews and sesame seeds.

Lamb Rogan Josh   $20.9
Tasty young lamb that melts in your mouth. Sixteen herbs and spices infused within.

Chicken Malabari $18.9     Prawn Malabari $26.9
Light coconut cream and ground spices come together for a sweet, creamy sauce. Light and tasty.

Lamb Nawabi $21.9
Tender lamb with light coconut and cashew gravy.  Lightly spiced and full of flavour.

Beef Vindaloo $18.9     Chicken Vindaloo $18.9     Lamb Vindaloo $20.9
Chicken, lamb or beef cooked with spices and hot Vindaloo sauce. 

Vegetable Korma $17.9      Chicken Korma $18.9     Beef Korma $18.9
Mild creamy cashew gravy with cardamom and light spices. 

Saag with Paneer, Mushrooms or Chicken $18.9
Fine, mild puree of spinach, herbs and spices.

Mango Chicken 19.9
Chicken Tikka cooked in a mild, creamy mango gravy.

Dal Makhani $17.9
Black lentils stewed all night long with fresh garlic, ginger, coriander and tomato. Lentils are high in iron, zinc, and calcium and a good replacement for red meat.

Dal Turkha $17.9
Yellow lentils cooked in fresh garlic, ginger, coriander and cumin until golden. A smooth texture and pleasing aroma.

Chicken Tikka Salad $21.9
A light fresh salad with chicken, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum, red onion and a zesty dressing.

Chickpea Salad $20.9
Chickpeas, potatoes, lemon, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, capsicum and red onions infused with mint yogurt and lime dressing.

Upgrade Your Rice $2
Add sultanas, kernel cashews, cumin seeds and a little olive oil.

Tandoori Bread

Plain Naan or Wholemeal Roti $4

Garlic or Cheese Naan $4.5

Garlic & Cheese Naan $4.5

Peshawari Naan $5

Garlic, Olive & Chilli Naan $6

Garlic & Sesame Naan $5

Baby Spinach & Cheese Naan $5