Baileys Fudge Cake  8.9
Moist fudge cake with Baileys, chocolate cream,
dark truffle and almonds

Tiramisu Slice 7.9
Light chocolate sponge with tiramisu mousse and a delicate
dusting of chocolate

Sticky Date Pud with Toffee Sauce  8.9
Lush date pudding drowning in toffee sauce

Dutch Apple Crumble Pie  8.9
Chunky baked apple, cinnamon and spices on a sweet
pastry base all topped with crunchy crumble

Cheesecake  8.9
Ask our staff for the selection available today.

Chocolate Dream 8.9
Chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and ice-cream

Ice-cream  6.9
Vanilla or chocolate ice cream with
your choice of drizzles and sprinkles